#169 – Why Amazon product liability risk is suddenly growing

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    Why Amazon’s product liability risk is suddenly growing. A lawsuit files last week against Amazon by the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission could have major implications for how product liability works on the platform. The big headline of the story is that the Consumer Products Safety Commission sued Amazon for hosting 24,000 faulty carbon monoxide detectors and 400,000 potentially dangerous hair dryers sold on the Amazon marketplace.
    Instagram Reels For Amazon Businesses. Video-based shopping is on the rise, and Instagram is set to become a top video-shopping app. They have strived to stay ahead of the competition, and one of their most popular features, Instagram Reels, has made it possible for many sellers to boost their sales through short, fun, and entertaining videos.
    How to dominate Google ranking to grow your Amazon sales. Get your products matched with editorial content that already ranks on the 1st page of Google Search results. Seller Rocket’s Premium PR program can place your product in an above-the-fold position in Google search results and drive huge external traffic to grow your Amazon sales.
    Track and record your Amazon sales automatically. Synder synchronizes your sales in real time. You will get full and detailed data about your products, processing fees, taxes, shipping and discounts in your financial reports in one-click. Start the annual subscription with a 20% discount and a 5x subscription right now!
    This Is the Biggest Threat to Your Amazon Business. Life is hard right now for an Amazon business owner. Sea freight costs are crazy, the Trump tariffs are still in place, and over 60% of third-party sellers are from China. However, none of these things are the biggest threat to your Amazon business.
    Selling your FBA Business for a Million Dollars and Beyond. There are huge cash injections coming from brand aggregators backed by family offices and private equity firms, and high net worth individuals. Amazon FBA businesses are becoming a recognized investment asset. This is why the value of FBA businesses grew 2.8X last year alone.
    Sales Growth Strategies
    How To Choose & Calculate The Right Keywords To Rank With Amazon PPC. This podcast talks about what keywords to rank with, this is an area a lot of people mess up as they choose keywords that are not in Brand Analytics (fatal mistake), too high volume and cannot get impressions or high volume with poor relevance to chosen product.
    Amazon Suspension: How To Write An Amazon POA. When a suspension occurs, sellers have the ability to appeal these decisions and ask to have their account privileges reinstated by submitting to Amazon a plan of action (POA). Explore the important steps sellers need to take when writing an Amazon plan of action for resolving account suspension issues.
    Have a Great Amazon Product? Here’s How to Protect Your Intellectual Property. If you have experience selling on Amazon, you know that protecting your valuable intellectual property (IP) is a must! The question is, how to do that without spending a fortune on attorney’s fees?
    Amazon Sellers Weigh Pros and Cons of New Referral Program. Amazon launched a new program to reward brands for driving sales on its marketplace. Similar to its affiliate program, the Brand Referral Bonus program gives participating brands an average 10% credit on sales resulting from their off-Amazon marketing efforts.
    eCommerce Trends
    The Closest Thing to Removing Negative Amazon Reviews. There is no worse feeling than seeing a negative review pop up on your listing after all the hard work (and money) you put into the product. As an Amazon seller, one of the first things you ask in that situation is, How do I contact the customer who left this review?
    Alexa, What Are Amazon’s Main Competitors? And Why Are They Successful? As a small business owner, you’ve probably thought to yourself at least once, “How the heck can I compete with Amazon?”. This guide will look at some of Amazon’s top competitors in various areas, explaining what exactly makes them successful.
    How to successfully sell pet care products on amazon. The global market for the pet care industry set to reach around $269bn by 2025, with e-commerce the fastest channel of growth. Read on to learn more about Pet Supplies on Amazon, including some excellent examples of brands who really know how to showcase their products!
    An Introduction To Amazon FBA Wholesale Business. This blog post will share tips to help you find suitable wholesale suppliers. You will come to know about the how-to and the information to get your Amazon FBA wholesale business off the ground.

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