#166 – The Amazon sellers who sold up and became millionaires

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    The Amazon sellers who sold up and became millionaires. Becoming a millionaire was never part of the plan. Michele Venton had left London for Bournemouth, keen to escape corporate life – and decided to try selling dresses online.
    Here’s the financial toolkit for eCommerce businesses. Payability provided $4+ billion in funding to eCommerce sellers combined with accelerated daily payouts for marketplace sales. Get approved based on account health and sales performance. No credit scans – just 24 hour approvals. Check your eligibility today!
    Amazon stores are selling fast on Flippa. Amazon businesses are going up for sale on Flippa every week. Their valuation tool is free & easy to use and just takes a few minutes to complete. Get a free valuation for your Amazon store today.
    Get more organic reviews and seller feedback. 100% Amazon TOS compliant. Sellerboard’s autoresponder triggers “Request a Review” email automatically. Review request message is sent by Amazon to your customer, asking them to review your product and provide seller feedback (same mail as if you click “Request a review” in the seller central, but on autopilot). Sellerboard uses the new official Selling Partner API. Cruxfinder readers get two months of complimentary access. No credit card needed.
    Why Amazon Is Suddenly Restricting Your Inventory. The biggest change in Amazon’s inventory management is that inventory limits are now based on the storage type you’re utilizing. Amazon has provided a full breakdown of their new storage policies, but here is an overview of what they’ve changed.
    Publish Your Shop on WhatsApp. When you publish your Facebook Shop on WhatsApp, people can browse and buy your shop’s products within Whatsapp. You can also make WhatsApp the primary communication method for your customers to use, so that people can message you on WhatsApp for a product they discover on your Facebook shop.
    Sales Growth Strategies
    Seasonality in Amazon PPC Summer Search Terms. Are you curious what happens to ACoS, CVR, CPC and CTR during the summer season? Read this article about Amazon PPC trends from Helium 10’s Data team now!
    VAT registration starting at 50 EUR per country with VAT Services on Amazon. VAT Services on Amazon is a VAT compliance solution that allows you to manage your European VAT registration and filing obligations via a third-party tax service provider in up to seven countries (UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Poland and the Czech Republic).
    9 Ways to Growing Customer Lifetime Value on Amazon. Your month-on-month sales are growing, and you reached your target ACoS, but you struggle to grow your margins. Sounds familiar? Read on to find out how to grow your margins with Customer Lifetime Value on Amazon.
    How To Outperform Your Amazon Competitors. There are lots of reasons you might be focused on this goal. Maybe your brand is strong and you’re looking for strategies for an incremental growth. In any case, the way to outperform your Amazon competition is to start with research and then use the results of your research to inform ad strategy.
    eCommerce Trends
    Here’s the link to Amazon’s “Internet Famous” Store. Browse the products in this store and research the strategies they used to go viral. This will help you find the ideas and startegies to drive growth for your Amazon business.
    What is Amazon DSP and how does it differ from Sponsored Ads? To enable advertisers to reach these target groups outside Amazon’s own platform, Amazon offers sellers and vendors a solution called Amazon DSP.
    The World’s Top Amazon Marketplace Sellers 2021. The top 1,000 Amazon sellers worldwide updated for 2021, including country lists for every Amazon marketplace from the US to Australia.
    A Peek Behind the Curtain of Prime Day 2021. What does a deep dive into the data behind the keywords, sales, and PPC for Prime Day in 2021 show? Here’s the answer!

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