#164 – Grow your business this Prime Day with exclusive guide to Amazon Ads

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    Grow your business this Prime Day with exclusive guide to Amazon Ads. Customers browsing on Amazon during Prime Day might not have a specific brand or product in mind. In fact, they may be there to discover new brands.
    Amazon Advertising causing you headaches? Taking up too much time? Sellozo advertising software suite can help you automate Amazon PPC campaigns using AI-Machine Learning and Maximize Your Margins. Sellozo is engineered to help Amazon sellers to grow sales, lower ACoS, and grow margins. Sign up for a 14-day trial and get a complimentary PPC campaign audit.
    Are you a 7-figure Amazon seller who is curious about the value of your business and looking for an exit? SellerX offers fast, transparent, and personalized liquidity options to Amazon sellers. Reach out and learn how they can tailor a solution to your circumstances.
    How To Improve Your Valid Tracking Rate On Amazon. A high seller rating is crucial to succeed in Amazon. It tells customers you can manage your stock, handle shipments and on-time deliveries. Keeping a good Valid Tracking Rate is crucial to get a positive seller rating. And it’s also essential to deliver a great customer experience.
    Did the Amazon Search Glitch Affect You? On May 15, countless Amazon sellers across the US were lamenting their products seemingly disappearing from organic search. Keyword ranking (and indexing) can make or break a product on Amazon. Did you experience any of these recent Amazon search glitches?
    Sales Growth Strategies
    How to get honest customer reviews for your Amazon store? Since Amazon no longer allows giving a discounted or free product to users in return for an honest review, the best way allowed is to do it is by using Amazon review trader sites.
    Accurate ecommerce accounting, without the fuss. Have confidence in your ecommerce financials, knowing your numbers add up. A2X posts your Shopify, Amazon, Walmart and eBay sales and fees directly into QuickBooks or Xero in tidy summaries that match the payments to your bank account. Get 10% off your A2X subscription for 12 months with code ‘A2X_1736548712354’.
    How to Drive External Traffic to Your Amazon Listing. As the competition on Amazon and sponsored ad costs continue to grow, you need to get ahead and look for additional ways to drive qualified traffic to your listings. While Amazon has incredibly powerful internal advertising solutions for sellers and brands, you could be missing out on sales by not advertising outside of Amazon.
    How To Prepare For Selling Back To School Items On Amazon. Ever thought about selling back to school items on Amazon? If so, now’s the time to get ready for BTS 2021.
    eCommerce Trends
    How To Create An Unboxing Strategy For Your Small Business Without Breaking The Bank. Customers may lose a product, but they may never forget the feeling they had unboxing it. Have you ever tried seeing your customers’ unboxing experience from their perspective? This can make all the difference in the world in your business.
    How to Rank a Product to Number 1 on Amazon. How to rank a product to Number 1 on Amazon? Helium 10’s keyword research tool Cerebro, combined with our Maldives Honeymoon Strategy is what you need!
    Amazon Prime Day: History and Statistics. Prime Day helped solidify Amazon’s reputation as the top ecommerce company in the world. Let’s get to know how it all started and how it’s going and find out if Prime Day is really worth it for ecommerce sellers.
    What Is The Amazon Custom Program All About? Amazon Custom can make your products unique. It allows shoppers to personalize, customize, or configure their products before purchasing them from you. So, basically you’d be selling your same product, but with the possibility of having customers mix and match fonts, text and images.

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