#155 – Your Amazon Product Listings are “At Risk” if your UPC or EAN is not GS1 vended

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    Your Amazon Product Listings are “At Risk” if your UPC or EAN is not GS1 vended. Products that are listed in the “At risk listings” section in the “Fix your product page” will be removed if the requested information is not provided by the due date. Products that are listed in the “Inactive listings” section will remain inactive unless the requested information is provided.
    SellerX is a global aggregator of Amazon-native brands. They leverage a diverse team of industry experts and functional specialists to take your brand to the next level. Ready for your next chapter? Let’s talk!
    Payability is offering the CruxFinder community exclusive entry to their accelerated daily payout program at zero cost with the Payability Seller Card. Amazon sellers receive funds the next day, every day with zero cost when using the Seller Visa Card. Simply enter the code “CRUXFINDER” when you apply. Due to high demand, this beta is only available to the first 20 sellers that apply, so lock in your spot today and start getting better cashflow for your Amazon business.
    GETIDA can help FBA sellers maximize their FBA reimbursements. When using FBA, some of your inventory can get lost, damaged, destroyed, or get overcharged with a variety of FBA fees. Join GETIDA today and receive $400 in Complimentary FBA Reimbursements.
    Sales Growth Strategies
    Are you sure you’re correctly accounting for all the fees Amazon, Shopify, eBay & Walmart are charging you? Get confidence in your numbers, create a full audit trail with A2X & sync them all into QuickBooks or Xero. Get 10% off your A2X subscription for 12 months with code ‘A2X_1736548712354’.
    As an Amazon seller, there are ways to take advantage of the Amazon Influencer Program without being an influencer. The Amazon Influencer Program is a hub for those with a qualifying Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube account to create a storefront, promoting products that they love, and encouraging others to buy them.
    How to Calculate Amazon Customer Repeat Purchase Rate. If you are considering enrolling on the subscribe and save program then you need to understand current repeat purchase behaviour to set a baseline.
    eCommerce Trends
    Established ecommerce sellers are expanding to Walmart. Currently, 7% of existing Amazon sellers also list products on Walmart Marketplace, and another 39% are considering joining the platform this year. WFS is a big draw for ecommerce entrepreneurs, so much so that 33% of Amazon sellers believe Walmart Marketplace will compete strongly with Amazon in 2021.
    TikTok is angling for more e-commerce ad dollars. Here’s the pitch deck it’s using to lure advertisers to the platform.
    Cashing Out! Sold My First Business (Amazon FBA) – A bitter sweet moment. I’ve recently just closed on a deal to sell my first business a few days ago it is a bitter sweet moment to say the least. Money is in the bank.

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