#154 – GETIDA helps Amazon sellers to maximize their FBA reimbursements

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    It looks like Amazon is changing the dates for Prime Day again. One year after Amazon moved Prime Day from July to October as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the company is planning to hold its 2021 annual discount shopping event closer to its normal summertime slot.
    Flexe helps sellers save up to 80% on Amazon Storage costs. FLEXE FBA Storage Program helps keep best-selling products in-stock at FBA fulfillment centers, minimizing lost sales, and maintaining healthy inventory levels, all while costing significantly less than Amazon FBA Storage. See if you qualify for FLEXE FBA Storage Program.
    SellerX is a global aggregator of Amazon-native brands. They leverage a diverse team of industry experts and functional specialists to take your brand to the next level. Ready for your next chapter? Let’s talk!
    GETIDA helps Amazon sellers to maximize their FBA reimbursements. When using FBA, some of your inventory can get lost, damaged, destroyed, or get overcharged with a variety of FBA fees. Join GETIDA today and receive $400 in Complimentary FBA Reimbursements.
    Sales Growth Strategies
    Grow your Amazon Sales in 2021 by leveraging Sponsored Display Ads. Amazon Sponsored Display ads are the latest addition to the portfolio of Sponsored Ads by Amazon Advertising. They include some exciting exposure for advertisers, like serving ads on third-party websites to customers who viewed your product on Amazon (remarketing)
    Amazon SEO: The Quick and Dirty Guide to What’s Working Now. This is a three-part guide on Amazon SEO that covers each of those elements and it’s worth paying attention to each section in order. The first part is about keyword research and how to identify keywords that will help your products index on the first page of Amazon search results.
    Amazon Package Inserts: What’s Allowed and How to Use Them. Many of the sellers using package inserts are not aware of how Amazon’s policies apply to them. Often they believe that the rules can be ignored anyway. The cards are inside their product packaging, so how can they be caught if they violate policies?
    eCommerce Trends
    How to Use Amazon Posts for Brand Discovery in 2021. On popular social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook, you can use unique branding to promote your entire product line within your profile, so customers can easily discover your brand all in one place. On Amazon, it’s not always that simple.
    Chatbot and Facebook Marketing Strategies for Amazon Sellers of Any Level. Are you looking for a way to build your Amazon brand? This Chatbot pro provide tips on Facebook, ManyChat, and managing your buyer reviews.
    Building Your Amazon Seller Reputation: Where to Start. To begin with the basics, Amazon customers can leave feedback, comments, and more on products and sellers. If you are a third-party seller, they will be able to rate your business from one to five stars.

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