#149 – Now Amazon require sellers to add the shipping-carrier name

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    Now Amazon require sellers to add the shipping-carrier name. Beginning April 5, 2021, you will be required to provide the carrier name when you confirm shipments via bulk feeds, APIs, or integrators. Some of the commonly used carrier names are USPS, UPS, and FedEx. Beginning May 3, 2021, Amazon will validate tracking details for all seller-fulfilled orders, and show warnings for invalid tracking details.
    Your Dream Exit Is Around The Corner. So you want to sell your Amazon FBA business, but aren’t sure where to start? With a bit of knowledge and an experienced buyer on your side, you’ve got this. Elevate Brands buys consumer-leading Amazon businesses and elevates them to their full potential and they just closed their $55M Series A funding. Whether you’re looking to sell, looking to partner or just looking, their team is here to guide you. Click here for a complimetary 6 Step Guide on an Amazon exit process.
    GETIDA can help you claim, recover and maximize FBA reimbursments. When using FBA, some of your inventory can get lost, damaged, destroyed or get overcharged with a variety of FBA fees. Signup with GETIDA today to receive $400 Complimentary FBA Reimbursements.
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    Are you sure you’re correctly accounting for all the fees Amazon, Shopify, eBay & Walmart are charging you? Get confidence in your numbers, create a full audit trail with A2X & sync them all into QuickBooks or Xero. Get 10% off your A2X subscription for 12 months with code ‘A2X_1736548712354’.
    How to Create an Amazon Storefront in 2021. An Amazon Store is basically your own custom branded website on Amazon that allows registered brands to showcase their products—without any distractions from competitors’ products or ads. It’ll have the look and feel of a real ecommerce store, with Amazon’s huge audience reach.
    Why Amazon Sellers Should Consider Selling on in 2021. In 2019, Walmart US made 15.7 billion in ecommerce revenue – and in 2020 that number jumped to 21.5 billion! Walmart’s marketplace is now Amazon’s main 2021 competitor. We always suggest eventually diversifying your platforms.
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    Why Amazon Is The Next Big Breeding Ground For Beauty M&A. The Amazon FBA aggregators aren’t beauty-specific, but there’s plenty of activity specifically in the Amazon beauty realm. E-commerce data house Marketplace Pulse approximates that around $1 billion in fresh capital was committed to acquiring Amazon brands last year.
    Get Ready to Sell Your Ecommerce Business in Just Six Months. Here’s the blueprint for creating a streamlined business that will sell for the maximum price in the minimum time. We are going to cover what you need set up right away, how your business should look six months out from being sold, and the final tweaks you need to make in the three months before you sell it.
    Fake Amazon reviews still sold in bulk – it costs $10,900 for 1,000 reviews. Posing as Amazon seller, consumer group investigates fake-review industry. AMZTigers is selling reviews individually for 15 euros or in bulk packages ranging from 699 euros for 50 reviews to 8,999 euros for 1,000 reviews.

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