#147 – Amazon has just launched FBA Small and Light label and prep services

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    Amazon has just launched FBA Small and Light label and prep services. Small and Light offers reduced fulfillment costs on qualified items, allowing you to pass the savings to your customers. Sell low-cost products, reach millions of customers around the world. Self enroll today!
    7 Secrets to Supercharge your Amazon FBA Business. Boosted Commerce, an ecommerce acquisition platform, has compiled important tips from their team of experts, operations specialists, and brand managers to help you take your Amazon FBA to the next level. These tips are being shared exclusively first with you.
    Did you claimed and recovered your FBA reimbursments for 2020? When using FBA, some of your inventory can get lost, damaged, destroyed or get overcharged with a variety of FBA fees. Amazon provides an 18-month window period for sellers to conduct an FBA audit. GETIDA will help you maximize your FBA refunds. Get Complimentary $400 FBA Reimbursements.
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    Accurate ecommerce accounting, without the fuss. Have confidence in your ecommerce financials, knowing your numbers add up. A2X posts your Shopify, Amazon, Walmart and eBay sales and fees directly into QuickBooks or Xero in tidy summaries that match the payments to your bank account. Get 10% off your A2X subscription for 12 months with code ‘A2X_1736548712354’.
    Amazon FBA Fee Refunds: How to Get Your Money Back. You shouldn’t be paying for Amazon’s mistakes. Here’s how to check if you are paying more FBA fees you need to, and get the refunds you are owed. Also find the top tools that you can use to get the refund.
    5 Stages To Build A Successful Brand in 2021 and BEYOND. We have a similar roadmap within Brand Creators that we follow, and the goal is to help people get into a routine and the habit of taking the steps necessary to get the results they are looking for.
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    Build an effective brand presence with Amazon Advertising. In this four-week course designed for sellers enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry, you’ll learn how to create a strong and cohesive brand strategy on Amazon. (seller central login required).
    Amazon Prime member total reaches 142 million in U.S. With more shoppers heading online to purchase goods including groceries, home furnishings and clothing, fulfillment has taken on increased importance. Amazon’s delivery options and benefits stand out for many consumers.
    Shopify to Amazon Dropshipping: A Complete Guide. Are you currently running a Shopify dropshipping business and looking for a way to increase your sales? There are a number of ways to grow your Shopify store, but one of the best options is to start selling your products on Amazon.

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