#146 – Looking for answers for some of the most pressing questions about selling on Amazon?

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    Looking for answers for some of the most pressing questions about selling on Amazon? Helium10 has put together guides and ebooks that cover almost all the difficult areas sellers encounter along the way to high income.
    Did you claimed and recovered your FBA reimbursments for 2020? When using FBA, some of your inventory can get lost, damaged, destroyed or get overcharged with a variety of FBA fees. Amazon provides an 18-month window period for sellers to conduct an FBA audit. GETIDA will help you maximize your FBA refunds. Get Complimentary $400 FBA Reimbursements.
    Best Dropshipping Suppliers for Amazon and eBay Sellers. We look at the best sites for finding dropshipping suppliers, with advice on working with dropship companies and making this business model work for you.
    Sales Growth Strategies
    Ridge Wallet Hits $50 Million sales in 2020 with Influencer Marketing. Podcast: Ultra-thin, metal-clad, with RFID protection, the wallets are enormously popular in the U.S., with $50 million in sales in 2020 alone. Influencer marketing has driven much of the growth.
    Amazon has made it easier for shoppers to buy from Sellers who do not have the Buy BoxThis offers a huge possibility for sellers who are unable to get buy box for any reason. Now its the time for them to price their ASINs competitively and drive sales.
    Trending: Amazon Merch That Says “Trust Me, I’m Vaccinated”. “I’m vaccinated” gear is wildly popular on Amazon. A dive into Jungle Scout’s Keyword Scout and Extension tools reveals these products’ stunning success in the past few months.
    eCommerce Trends
    Amazon Releases New Changes To Dietary & Supplements Category. Amazon has issued sweeping quality specs for supplements sold on its site, now you need to provide comprehensive testing results and various other documents.
    How to Launch a Makeup Brand and Sell Online: The Ultimate Guide. Here, we’ll take you through how to start a makeup line from scratch, with expert advice and real examples from successful beauty brands. Those with the ability to go quick to market, can jump on makeup trends and fill gaps in the industry.
    Next steps for success with sponsored ads. Amazon has designed five webinars for sellers to learn about sponsored ads campaigns optimization to meet their business goals. An Amazon Advertising specialist will be available throughout each session to answer your questions live. Limited spaces.

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