#139 – Action required for listings on Amazon classified as Pesticides

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    Action required for listings on Amazon classified as Pesticides. Beginning January 11, 2021, listings of pesticides and pesticide devices without this information may be subject to deletion. For detailed information for adding the Pesticide Marking attribute to new or existing pesticides listings, see the FAQ section.
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    Amazon Brand Protection is Broken: Here’s How to Fix It. Amazon has brands playing whack-a-mole to address counterfeit issues. It’s time to put down the mallet and adopt a proactive enforcement strategy.
    Sales Growth Strategies
    New Search Terms report feature available for Brand AnalyticsThere is a new feature available for brand owners who use the Amazon Search Terms report. You can now see your ASINs that have dropped from the top three clicked products for a given search term.
    FBA shipment closure timelines are revised by Amazon. In order for Amazon to receive your inventory more efficiently and minimize delays, shipments created beginning 16 Dec 2020 will be automatically updated to Closed status if they become more than 90 days old.
    Amazon disallows pointing out paid reviewsAmazon love user generated content like feedback and reviews, but they are going to ditch the Amazon Review the Review comment feature with effect from 16th Dec.
    eCommerce Trends
    How to List Product Bundles on Amazon. Amazon product bundling is taking two or more complimentary products and bundling them together into one listing.
    How to Turn Holiday Shoppers into Loyal Customers In 2021. Whether you’re focused on selling on your own DTC site, Amazon, or a mix of both, this post will teach you the strategies you can implement to maximize the long-term value (LTV) from your holiday customers that you just brought in long after the holidays are over.
    Amazon sellers worry they can’t meet holiday demand as company limits warehouse space. FBA changed from a virtually infinite fulfillment network that allowed anyone to send in as much inventory as they wanted to one where it is up to an algorithm to decide how many units a seller is permitted.

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