#119 – Amazon Launched Listing Quality Dashboard

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    Amazon Launched a new tool to improve the quality of your listings. The new tool is known as Listing Quality Dashboard, which will help you identify and fix listing issues affecting discoverability, detail page experience, and customer returns. Link

    How to Handle the New 500 IPI Minimum Requirement for Amazon FBA Sellers. To help you avoid storage fees for products that have not been selling and create room for more productive inventory, Amazon is offering a free removal fee promotion for a limited time. Link

    2020 Holiday Sales are expected to exceed all previous years. Don’t let your holiday sales be ruined by Amazon IPI restrictions. Let Rakuten Super Logistics keep you up and running. [SPONSORED] Rakuten Super Logistics’ 15 fulfillment centers are strategically located throughout the US to help you successfully manage your order fulfillment needs with 100% accuracy, guaranteed. Link

    This holiday shopping season is predicted to be the biggest ever for eCommerce. Are you ready? [SPONSORED] Get the cash you need to scale your eCommerce business fast in Q4 with an Instant Advance (up to $250,000 in 24 hours) or accelerated daily payouts from Payability. Approval is based on your account health and sales performance so there are No credit checks, No complicated paperwork – just 24 hour approvals. Link

    Amazon FBA Quantity Limits warning to US sellers for peak. Making the jump from Amazon to Walmart isn’t as straightforward as you might think. Walmart’s platform is a lot different and comes with unique requirements for sellers. Link

    How to select the right fulfillment partner in the pandemic. Nearly 40% of ecommerce brands say they’re experiencing virus-related shipping issues because of international border closures and lockdowns affecting warehouses. Delivery delays and replenishment disruptions are expected to result in significant sales declines. Link

    Sales Growth Strategies

    Amazon FBA Fee Refunds: How to Get Your Money Back. You shouldn’t be paying for Amazon’s mistakes. Here’s how to check if you are paying more FBA fees you need to, and get the refunds you are owed. Link

    90% of Amazon sellers forget to add high volume keywords in their listings. Get Keyword List for your Amazon listings to increase the visibility of your ASINs and drive more sales. Link

    If you are a brand owner selling in Amazon stores, you can use our self-service, brand-exclusive tools, called Brand Benefits, to build awareness and grow your business. The Brand Dashboard will help you identify opportunities to improve the customer experience, traffic, and conversion. Link

    How to grow your sales by using Amazon Advertising Sponsored Brands Video Ads. Amazon Sponsored Video Ads allow advertisers to reach Amazon customers with targeted videos on Amazon’s sites, apps, and Fire tablets. Link

    Inspiring Amazon Prime Day Success Stories From ChannelAdvisor Brands and Retailers. For brands and retailers prepared to take full advantage of Prime Day opportunities, this annual shopping holiday can be a goldmine of sales and revenue. Link

    amazon launched
    #119 - Amazon Launched Listing Quality Dashboard 2

    Things to Keep in Mind

    Amazon Glitches: Amazon Repricer & Price Guard Development. Even tech-giants like Amazon experience system glitches, an “Amazon Glitch” as dubbed by online news sites. Link

    How to Optimize Paid Search and Amazon PPC Campaigns for Seasonal Success. Working with seasonal demand on is an art form of its own. There are far fewer sellers who know what to do with it, than those who would like to. Link

    Get Ready to Sell Your Ecommerce Business in Just Six Months. Check out the blueprint for creating a streamlined business that will sell for the maximum price in the minimum time. Link

    Now you can start selling on Amazon India to reach millions of customers. To start selling in India, check your eligibility to sell in India and set up your account in Seller Central. Link

    How Does Walmart’s Ecommerce Inventory Management Practices Differ from Its Competitors? As ecommerce competition tightens, so does the race for merchants between marketplaces. At the forefront are Walmart, Amazon, and eBay. Link

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