#118 – Amazon Buy Box Stopped Rotating in July

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    Amazon Buy box completely stopped rotating for the past few weeks. Numerous Amazon sellers are reporting a decline in sales for the month of July due to their products having lost rotation in the Buy Box. Link

    Why Did My Amazon Sales Plummet In July? (The Buy Box Glitch) There’s a lot of speculation about what caused some sales to take a nosedive. And sellers have tried very hard to find a common denominator for listing suppressions and Buy Box. Link

    Amazon Buy Box Glitch still continues as buy box win rate reduced drastically for many sellers. Amazon has officially responded about the issue with the buy box and said there is no glitch. Link

    FBA’s next long-term storage fee inventory cleanup date is August 15th. Sellers who don’t remove slow-moving inventory from Amazon’s facilities by then will incur a surcharge. Link

    Buy on Google is now open and commission-free. Zero commission fees when customers buy your products on Google. Link

    Is Amazon’s Approach to Private Label Brands Anticompetitive? Amazon is facing allegations that it poaches third-party seller data to make its private label brands more competitive. In the upcoming hearing, Bezos will likely testify that Amazon’s private label brands aren’t a threat. Are they? Link

    amazon buy box
    #118 - Amazon Buy Box Stopped Rotating in July 2

    Sales Growth Strategies

    2020 Holiday Sales are expected to exceed all previous years. Don’t let your holiday sales be ruined by Amazon IPI restrictions. Let Rakuten Super Logistics keep you up and running. Rakuten Super Logistics’ 15 fulfillment centers are strategically located throughout the US to help you successfully manage your order fulfillment needs with 100% accuracy, guaranteed. Link

    Amazon Brand Analytics: Getting the Most Out of Your Sales on Amazon. Make the most of your Amazon Brand Registry membership. Learn how to use brand-specific and Amazon-wide data from Amazon Brand Analytics to your advantage. Link

    Get your money back fast by automating the complicated FBA reimbursement process for lost or damaged inventory. The Amazon seller refund process is incredibly confusing and time-consuming, but Refund Genie makes the process simple and straightforward. Link

    How to Use Amazon Search Terms Report for Better Visibility. Understanding what search terms your customers are using is extremely important to optimize product listings and Sponsored ads. Therefore, sellers need to monitor Amazon search terms report regularly. Link

    90% of Amazon sellers forget to add high volume keywords in their listings. Get Keyword List for your Amazon listings to increase the visibility of your ASINs and drive more sales. Link

    How to Rank Your Products for Amazon A10 Algorithm 2020. Amazon is altering its A10 algorithm to make the search results more relevant to the buyer. Link

    Things to Keep in Mind

    Five Reasons to Hire Remote Workers to grow your Amazon business. Your ecommerce business is growing. You need developers, marketers, and customer service representatives. But how do you find the best employees? It’s simple: hire remote workers. Link

    The Best Free Amazon Keyword and Product Research Tools. Best free research software Amazon sellers can use to help their sourcing and marketing efforts. Link

    10 tools available exclusively for brand owners on Amazon. These tools can help your brand improve conversion, drive discoverability, and protect intellectual property. Link

    This is how you should handle price gouging POA (plan of action) When it comes to fair market pricing violations, you need to be able to point out to Amazon what you’re going to do better without admitting that you committed a crime because whatever you write to Amazon, you can bet that Amazon is going to turn that over to the state attorney general. Link

    Are Amazon Coaches Actually Worth it? YouTube courses, paid seminars, Facebook advice. Who can you trust for business advice? How do you know if Amazon coaches are worth it? Link

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