#117 – Amazon Restricts FBA Storage from August

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    Amazon restricts warehouse storage to prepare for holiday rush. Sellers with IPI (Inventory Performance Index) score below 500 will be subject to limits effective August 16, 2020 through the end of the year. Link

    How to improve your IPI by following guidance on improving sell through or reducing your excess and stranded inventory To help you avoid storage fees for products that have not been selling and create room for more productive inventory, Amazon is offering a free removal fee promotion for a limited time. Link

    Amazon FBA Brexit Bombshell, EFN and Pan European FBA ends for UK. The Amazon FBA Brexit bombshell has dropped which will significantly impact your Amazon business from the 1st of January 2021. Link

    Fulfillment is Amazon’s Single Point of Failure. Recent months have highlighted the vulnerability that stems from Amazon’s fulfillment operations: Amazon warehouses and ships practically everything sold on Amazon. Link

    What Will Prime Day 2020 Look Like With Amazon’s Inventory Restrictions? The restrictions have incredibly awkward timing: the most-likely (and still officially unconfirmed) date for Prime Day is sometime in October, less than three months away at time of publication. Link

    How to gain confidence in your ecommerce financials and ensure that your numbers add up. A2X posts your Amazon and Shopify sales and fees directly into QuickBooks or Xero in tidy summaries that match the payments to your bank account down to the penny. Link

    #117 - Amazon Restricts FBA Storage from August 2

    Sales Growth Strategies

    Are you still using a rule-based repricer and is it killing your profit margins through aggressive price wars? Switch to Seller Snap’s algorithmic AI repricer and start your 15-day free trial today. Seller Snap uses Game Theory tactics to outsmart your competition and get you the BuyBox at the highest possible price while avoiding price wars. Link

    Amazon Gated Categories, How to Get Approved in Restricted Categories. The Amazon marketplace is not a free for all. Here’s how gated categories work and the process for getting approved to sell in them. Link

    Review your Amazon SEO strategy with this crash course. Are you doing everything to ensure your products rank and convert on the Amazon marketplace? Link

    Talk to Amazon PPC management agencies to find how they can help you increase ROI. Big brands or new brands! Both use Amazon agencies to optimize advertising campaigns and reduce ACoS. Link

    Harvard Business Review, How Third-Party Sellers Can Make Amazon Work for Them. For sellers, doing business with Amazon is a less straightforward proposition. Link

    Things to Keep in Mind

    Amazon owned private label brands are not nearly as successful as many paint them to be. We analyzed over 23,000 products launched by Amazon under more than 400 different brands. Some of those brands are private label brands built by Amazon, and some are exclusive brands made by a third party. Link

    How to Sell and Transfer an Amazon FBA Store. Are you looking to sell an Amazon FBA store? What about an eCommerce business with multiple sales channels, one being Amazon? Ever wondered how you to sell and transfer an Amazon FBA store and if it’s allowed? Link

    Reasons for Amazon Stranded Inventory and How to Address Them. One major facet of selling on Amazon or any ecommerce business, is inventory management, knowing where your inventory is, if it’s all accounted for, how it’s performing etc. Link

    Amazon India demands product listings to have country of origin by August 10 Amazon Inc’s India unit has told sellers they must provide country of origin information on product listings by August 10, according to an email sent by the e-commerce giant to sellers Link

    Which Amazon Promotions Work Best? Understand all the options and get the most bang for your buck. Running bloated and costly promotions on Amazon will inevitably end up hurting your profit. Link

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