11 Best payment gateway for Ecommerce Businesses

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    In 2022, it’s believed to be more than 70% of all U.S. transactions will be made with a different method than cash. Furthermore, from 2020 until 2025, online transactions are predicted to increase by more than 15 %.

    In a cash-free world where payment services are predominantly done electronically or via credit cards, Payment gateways can make it easier and faster to process payments to aid both businesses and consumers.

    They are service that handles credit card transactions for online shopping sites and traditional brick-and-mortar shops. They are often described as the equivalent cash register for electronic transactions.

    What is a payment gateway?

    A payment gateway is a process that collects and transfers information about the payment from the customer to the acquirer, who then sends the payment acceptance or decline to the consumer. A payment gateway verifies the details of the cardholder’s security, guarantees that funds are accessible and ultimately permits merchants to receive payment. It functions as an intermediary between the merchant’s website and the acquirer. It secures sensitive credit card information and ensures that data is securely transferred from the consumer to the bank, acquiring it through the merchant.

    In another way, the payment gateway acts as a mediator between the customer and merchant, ensuring that the transaction is completed safely and quickly. As a result, a payment gateway online can simplify the way merchants integrate the required software. As a middleman during the payment process, the gateway handles the sensitive card information between the acquirer and the merchant.

    Benefits of using an online payment gateway for eCommerce businesses 

    1. Faster and Secure Transactions

    The main benefit of having a payment gateway is the safety and speed it provides for your processing system. The most reliable online payment gateways will allow you to receive payments up to 50 % faster than typical. This means that you will be able to provide customers with a more enjoyable shopping experience and manage your cash flow with no trouble.

    Since the process of approval of transactions takes only a few seconds, both the merchants and customers do not have to sit for long for the transaction.

    2. Minimum Setup Costs

    Many believe that setting up online payment processing within India is a costly process that is only accessible to large companies and enterprises. This isn’t true. Though payment gateways have some transaction costs and chargeback charges, they’re all worth the cost. In addition, the initial setup cost for the most well-known payment gateways is reasonably priced. So it doesn’t matter whether you’re operating a small company or just beginning; it is possible to set up your payment gateway for a low expense.

    3. Save Your Time

    The main reason customers adore online payment gateways is that they can save time. It takes less than a minute to make payments through an online payment processor in India. Whatever location where you reside, you can pay or make payments quickly. This provides added security and convenience for both merchants and customers.

    4. Improved Customer Experience

    Abandoning shopping carts is among the most serious problems that companies have to deal with. The primary reason for this problem is the inability to provide different payment options. If a user cannot locate his preferred payment option on your checkout, they’re forced to leave your website and purchase from a competitor’s website.

    Simply put, websites that provide a wide range of payment options with fast and secure transactions are highly regarded by customers. The proper payment processor will enhance your customer experience to an entirely new dimension.

    5. Accept Worldwide Payments

    Payment gateways let you expand your business’ reach to the international market. Anyone with an internet connection can browse your website and pay from around the globe. Online payment gateways let you accept payments in different currencies through various options, allowing you to effortlessly expand your international client base without worrying about any issues.

    11 Best payment gateway

    1. PayPal

    payment gateway
    payment gateway providers

    PayPal was established in 2002 and is the most popular payment processor in the U.S. It allows International and Multi-currency payments. The recognition of your brand, security, and Easy setup procedures are just a few reasons businesses choose to use PayPal. Although it’s the most expensive Gateway option, PayPal is considered the most widely used by small businesses and startups. The most notable features of PayPal are that it’s available in 203 countries, and there are no initial costs and no monthly charges (It is based on the transaction service fees). PayPal has a strong antifraud team and is reported to have frozen multiple suspicious accounts based on their transaction evaluations. SquareSquare

    2. Square

    Square opened the way for retailers with an online payment system that can be used on smartphones instead of large and expensive POS hardware. We picked it as the most suitable option for brick-and-mortar stores because it allows customers to accept in-person and online transactions without setup or startup charges and comes with a free smartphone card reader.

    While Square accepts the majority of credit cards and other payment options such as Apple Pay and Google Pay, it isn’t able to accept PayPal, which is one of its primary rivals. However, it accepts ACH or electronic checks and allows customers to accept payments on the internet, via invoices, or by phone.

    One of the best features offered by Square is its simple setup. Customers can download the software for no cost for every iOS and Android device and then make payments with a mobile card reader. Square is available for free. Merchants can take credit card transactions with the tablet or smartphone, which makes it an ideal alternative for food carts, market stalls, crafts booths, and other mobile businesses.

    3. Stripe

    payment gateway
    secure payment gateway

    Stripe is considered a formidable rival and is a rapidly growing company that is expected to catch up to PayPal. The company was established in 2010. Stripe is estimated to be worth approximately $20 billion in a short period. Stripe gives a trial time with delays in payments. There are no fees for refunds. Web developers think it is one of the most simple to set up, integrate and maintain.

    Contrary to PayPal, Stripe’s payment gateway lets users remain on-site during the payment without being directed to the payment site, thus providing an uncomplicated user experience. Alongside being compatible with all types of payment, it also supports cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Because it is still expanding, Stripe is available in 21 countries.

    4. Amazon Pay

    In addition to the reputation of the brand, Amazon Pay is quickly becoming the preferred alternative in Small and Medium Enterprises for hosting payment gateways. The Amazon Pay merchant account provides access to a sophisticated fraud prevention service. The service is available only within the U.S., U.K., and Germany. It offers an online checkout feature, which can enhance the user experience. Amazon Pay is a simple API-driven platform that offers various e-commerce solutions from different solution providers with no-cost plugins. Amazon offers the option of Alexa to interact with your customers in addition to providing recommendations and enhanced customer service.

    5. Payline

    payment gateway
    payment gateway security

    Payline is a Pineapple Payments company headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. It offers solutions for companies ranging from small businesses up to Fortune 500 companies, with its focus on the user experience.

    Payline provides payment processing through a gateway, and its web-based solutions are designed to be compatible with more than 175 online shopping carts. It also offers mobile applications that accept payments through mobile applications. Payline is a payment gateway that integrates with QuickBooks. The payline payment processing system also integrates with QuickBooks to make it easier to manage payroll and general business financials.

    Payline has pricing that is based on the services. The swipes are covered in the category of Payline Start, which has the monthly cost, but a small fee per transaction. This includes AMEX and an additional transaction fee.

    6. Shopify

    Customers who are using a different e-commerce platform may be enticed to switch when they have experienced the ease of Shopify.

    Shopify Payments is activated after you have signed up for an account. It’s not long to begin accepting credit cards from major brands and other forms of digital payment.

    Every transaction is monitored and shown in real-time. Keeping track of your transactions, sales, and monthly data is not a lot of work.

    Shopify makes it easy for your customers as well. After you’ve created an account, you’ll be capable of accepting a broad selection of popular e-commerce payment methods, such as:

    • Visa
    • Mastercard
    • American Express
    • Discover
    • PayPal
    • Google Pay
    • Apple Pay
    • Facebook Pay

    Shopify Payments is a part of each Shopify plan. There are integrations to dozens of other payment methods for e-commerce that do not come with transaction costs. There’s no transaction fee when you make use of Shopify Payments.

    7. Skrill

    payment gateway

    Skrill is among the most popular payment gateways across the globe. Skrill recognizes the demands of modern times in terms of processing payments and money transfers. Skrill began operations in 2001. Since then, Skrill has had many top corporations as their clients making use of their innovative solutions to their operations.

    Skrill is praised and rewarded by top organizations like Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Award, B2B EGP Award, and numerous others. It is among the top UK-based payment gateways that accept more than 30 currencies. This allows customers to buy goods and services across the world.

    8. Payment Depot : Best for High-Volume Sales

    Payment Depot advertises itself as the “Costco of credit card processing” because of its fee-based membership pricing model as well as its 100% transparent pricing.

    Payment Depot has one membership fee instead of charging per transaction. You can choose an annual membership plan depending on the number of transactions you make each year.

    This is a distinct business model from other payment processing companies, which might charge you an amount based on the number of transactions. In the event that you’re performing a substantial amount of financial transactions each year, Payment Depot should save your money on the cost of fees.

    9. 2Checkout

    payment gateway

    2Checkout is a well-known worldwide payment processor that lets businesses take online payments from consumers across the globe. It comes with a wide range of features and payment options local to the country that aid both merchants and clients in making the transaction process more efficient.

    It is the U.S.-based payment gateway that can support various payment options and worldwide transactions. It is safe and reliable. There are more than 100,000 merchants using the 2Checkout gateway all over the world. It can support eight payment methods and languages, as well as 15 different payment options and 87 currencies across international markets.


    Like PayPal, also provides Advanced Fraud Detection Suite for users to secure payments and protects against chargebacks or fraudulent transactions.

    The API function allows users to tailor their transactions to suit user’s habits.

    They also offer a top-quality integration set that works with WooCommerce.

    Additionally, they accept payments via digital channels like Apple Pay, PayPal, and more across more than 33 countries.

    The all-in-one plan also comes with an account for merchants along with an option for payment to users.

    There are also various types of payment that include contactless transactions and credit cards, electronic checks, and more, making payment easy based on the needs of the customers.

    11. WePay

    payment gateway

    If you’re a drop-shipper and would like an efficient, fast, and convenient payment option and you’re interested, then you may think about WePay.

    While it’s more of an actual crowdsourcing platform, however, the API functionality is simple and designed specifically to allow payments.

    One of the advantages is the fact that their integrated account offers a variety of payment channel options, such as ACH and, Apple Pay, ChasePay.

    It is also able to handle difficult payment options, too making it ideal for SMEs who don’t have the time to manage the plethora of transactions across the globe.

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